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Domaine Drouhin Williamette Valley WineryCritic

Visiting Oregon wine country was so overdue.  While my father was staying this May we nipped up north to see what the fuss is all about.  The fuss is rightly so.  The wines are in short, phenomenal.  I wish we had more access to these wines in California.
Our first stop was Sokol Blosser. We did not have an appointment yet they were so friendly and made our visit so great. The rosé was excellent (French-style) and delicate. They have a great charcuterie and cheese board which is worth ordering. The way the winery is designed is also very modern. Our next stop was Domaine Drohin. Drohin is a very famous producer in Burgundy and this winery is their first US purchase. It really validates the potential these wineries see in Oregon Pinot Noir. The staff were so friendly, and with no appointment we strolled in and they took good care of us. I never usually tell people I have a blog, otherwise they would all probably give me good service so I can honestly tell you that these two are particularly good.
White Rose is an interesting tasting room. It has no windows and a “speakeasy” feel to it. We liked the wines but I think the day we visited there was so many people there it wasn’t possible to really sit and relax. I did like the way they had their staff greet us with water and a sip of wine, but with the large bachelorette crowds we were soon forgotten about.

For restaurants, we visit Jory at The Allison where I was surprised to see my ex-colleague and friend Devin Andolsen aka lumberjacksommelier as part of the wine team there. The wine list is fabulous and Devin is so much fun I can tell you that the wine experience there is excellent. We also tried Bistro Maison in McMinnville. As a huge fan of French food I was excited about this one. They unfortunately added $100 to our bill at the end. Lucky we caught them and they corrected it! The food was good but they seemed frantic and trying to keep up with the dinner rush.

Other things worth seeing when you are in McMinnville: The Spruce Goose at the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum. The IMAX theater is pretty cool too!


Sokol Blosser 2 Williamette Valley WineryCritic
Cheese and charcuterie board at Sokol Blosser

Sokol Blosser Williamette Valley WineryCritic

Williamette Valley WineryCritic

Alexana Williamette Valley WineryCritic

Red Hills Market Williamette Valley WineryCritic
Loved the Red Hills Market. A perfect pizza dinner complete with Crozes-Hermitage 😉

Bistro Maison

Jory Restaurant at The Allison Inn & Spa WineryCritic
Jory Restaurant at The Allison Inn & Spa
White Rose Williamette Valley WineryCritic 1
Love this vintage cart at the White Rose Winery

White Rose Williamette Valley WineryCritic 2

Mindy Joyce