5 Tips from Michael Mondavi’s Winemaking Team

So many people tell me they want to make their own wine, and while there are a lot of wineries that will let you play with blending, there’s nothing like learning from some of the best.   One of  the ones I recommend for this is at Michael Mondavi Family Estate.  In their winemaker program […]

Expert Tips for Visiting Bordeaux

I’ve recently had the pleasure of working with Caroline Matthews of Uncorked Wine Tours in Bordeaux.  Here are some of the biggest questions people ask about Bordeaux and what Caroline had to say:  Do you recommend making appointments before visiting châteaus?  With more than 8,000 châteaus in the Bordeaux wine region, you might think that […]

For life-changing trips, hunt for “The real deal”

Travel can be one of life’s most enriching and eye-opening experiences. But sadly, some people travel halfway across the world just to stay at big American hotels. They’ll just visit international cities like Florence, Paris or Barcelona and say they’ve seen Italy, France or Spain. They go home and tell their friends about what they […]

Michael Mondavi on the Trip That Inspired a Global Wine Business

Believe it or not, when Michael Mondavi first traveled the country promoting Robert Mondavi Winery in the 1960s, he was commonly asked, “Robert who?” followed by “Is that a Chinese restaurant?” I had to chuckle – even big names like this start somewhere. I’ve always been in awe of entrepreneurs, no matter what the line […]

Celebrity Chefs Worth Traveling For

Would you book an entire vacation around one meal? Well, foodies, you might want to consider making your dining reservations before you book that flight. Every time I visit Northern California, I realize the power of the celebrity chef. Even though many of these culinary rockstars also have restaurants in New York or Las Vegas, […]