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Where you stay can make or break your trip. It can really impact how you feel about your vacation and the region you visit.  That’s why I think finding great little boutique hotels and “gems” to stay at are worth taking the time to dig for.

In my mind, there’s no better example of a “gem” than Finca Adalgisa in Mendoza.

Last year I actually learned about the hotel while putting together a wine trip for a previous job.  It seemed like a great place to base yourself when visiting the wineries.  Perhaps even a reason to visit Mendoza, or Argentina.  When my mother and I decided to take a trip to Argentina I contacted Finca even before we booked our flights.

The day we arrived in Mendoza was a day from hell.  We came from Uruguay via the Buquebus ferry to Buenos Aires which was seriously delayed.  We convinced a taxi driver to take us to the local airport (AEP) and managed to cut the line of about 50 people waiting for taxis.  We were so lucky to make our flight to Mendoza.  (Note: to get to Mendoza you’ll want to fly from AEP airport and not EZE, the international airport)

Nothing in Argentina is easy to find and this was no exception. If you think you can rely on a GPS, think again.  A GPS will not help you find the hotel so be sure to get directions before you leave or get ready to ask people (tough if your Spanish is limited like mine).  Taking a taxi from the airport would be the easiest way, although it is handy to have a car in this area.

Arriving here was really like arriving into an oasis in the desert.  Something you thought would be good, but you didn’t know it could be this good.  The rooms in the old house are large with generous bathrooms, skylights and king-sized beds. But what really made it so special was the cozy little winery and lounge surrounded by Malbec vines where we had dinner almost every night.  Walking into the lounge at the bodega with fireplaces and a glass of Malbec in hand was just what we needed after a long day of travel.  They serve wine produced on the property and even better, the kitchen serves fabulous soups, cheese plates and other appetizers that are ideal for sharing. We ventured out one night and regretted it.  Who said all we would eat in Argentina was steak?  Here we had lots of vegetables, bread and of course cheeses.  Staying here we enjoyed a glass of complimentary wine and cheese plate every night and a delicious breakfast each morning.

The hotel is owned by Bodega Furlotti and we took the time to drive over to the winery to meet Marc the winemaker.  This was great to get a perspective on fair trade wines and how the bodega is working to provide growers with appropriate payment for grapes.  You may see the wines in Sams Club in the US under the label Soluna.

The hotel also offers cooking classes which can be a fun addition to a trip.  If you haven’t tasted Argentinian empanadas, this is the place to try and learn how to make them.

Needless to say, I would recommend the Finca to anyone considering Argentina.  This is a magical property and actually well worth traveling to Argentina for.  I would like to thank Gabriella, Teresa and the whole team for making our stay in Mendoza so incredible.

Finca Adalgisa

Pueyrredón  Chacras de Coria,

Mendoza Province, Argentina

+54 261 496-0713


Mindy Joyce