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Languedoc: Exciting times for the region

For a first timer getting a handle on the various wine regions of Languedoc-Roussillon it can be a bit daunting.  In the U.S. these individual regions don’t get a lot of promotion so I contacted a local expert, Dominic George.  Dominic is the owner of Le Wine Shop in Pézenas, and also is the guide / owner of Languedoc Wine Tours.  Even Dominic admitted that he picks and chooses who he takes out on … [Read More...]

Languedoc: Two more weeks please

There is so much to say about my visit to the Languedoc.  To sum it up; I need to go back for at least two weeks!  The region is jam packed with not only exceptional wine, but historic towns, antiques, oysters, cheeses – you name it.   Many people flock to Provence, which is lovely, but I found the Languedoc to be the same and more.   If you are like me and are traveling for the wines then … [Read More...]

Saint-Émilion, Bordeaux: So much more than wine

Renowned as a UNESCO World Heritage site, Saint-Émilion is one of those unique travel experiences that to me is what a trip to Europe is all about: Steep hilltop village, tiny cobblestoned streets, family-run restaurants, ancient ruins and quaint boutiques – and about 200 wine shops eager to ship your wine anywhere. Last time I visited Bordeaux I felt under pressure to absorb everything (and … [Read More...]

Cognac: Hanging with Louis XIII

Seeing as we were driving from the Loire Valley to Bordeaux we thought this was a great (and rare) chance to do some tastings in Cognac.  Yes, Cognac is a place; like many French products which are named after the place they are made.  We had two fabulous, but different, experiences at Rémy Martin and Hennessy. I am fascinated by the polar worlds that spirits like Cognac straddle.  I think it’s … [Read More...]

Loire Valley: Châteaus, Goat Cheese & Sancerre

The Loire Valley might be world famous for its renaissance history and châteaux, but being a huge fan of Sancerre it has been high on my hit list.  A few weeks ago I got the chance to visit.  Generally when people talk about Sancerre they are talking about Sauvignon Blanc, but you'll also find some Pinot Noir grown here.  The Loire Valley as a whole is also famous for wines made from Chenin Blanc, … [Read More...]